Quicktime Settings

These settings are mostly the tricky little ones for making small videos for the web that look great.  The sizes should be changed for your own uses.

Sorenson Squeeze

I use Sorenson Squeeze for most web videos.  The color is more accurate than H.264 and it does much better de-interlacing than compressor.  This is especially helpful on standard definition NTSC videos on your archival footage.  I also use Squeeze to make easy, high quality Flash videos when necessary.  This are the Squeeze settings and croppings I like for Sorenson 3 quicktimes.  Sorenson 3 is also easier to handle on older computers.  Also it’s simple to add a watermark.


I use most of the standard presets (ProRes, uncompressed, etc) included with compressor all the time.  For DVDs, I use both of the “90 minute fastest settings” 95% of the time.  On this page I highlight my settings for web videos in H.264 that I’ve adjusted for smaller file sizes with higher quality images.  Vary as your needs require.

I do mostly 24P projects, and the de-interlacing of 30i material is still problematic.

When I do have a master that is interlaced, I will avoid compressor, but the latest version has reportedly improved.  Someday I’ll test.